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  • sale of lottery tickets coming under b

    to 308.553 billion yua

  • sponded to climate change in ?/h4>

    n. Expenditures by


  • udgetary control and stron

    the centra▓l gov

  • g growth in r▓evenue

    ernment from funds und

  • from the foreign e

    er its control totaled 2

  • nd for developing the Three Gorges Project, 55.5

    05.672 billion yuan, an increase of 94.5%. This includes 20.456 billion yuan from the fund for developing the Three Gorges Project, 62.1 billion yuan from the fund for developing railways, 5.313 billion yuan from civilian airport administra▓tion and development fees, 10.185 billion yuan from port▓ development fees, 20.547 bi

    04 billion yuan
  • from the fund for developing railways, 9.621 billi

    llion yuan taken from profits from the sale of lottery tickets to support social welfare programs, sp▓orts, education and other public service programs, an▓d 68.287 billion yuan from operations of the central government foreign exchange fund. Added to the 46.489 billion yuan in subsidies for local governments from the fu▓nd f

    on yuan from civil
  • i▓an airport administration and development fees,

    or providing continuing aid to residents relocated to ma▓ke way for the construction of large and medium-sized reservoirs and the 56.392 billion yuan rolled over into this year, total expenditures amounted▓ to 308.553 billion yuan. Revenue from funds controlled by local governments reached 1.311069 trillion yuan, up 34.5%. T

    9.148 billion yua

n from▓ port develo

his huge increase was mainly the result of the incorporation of all the income from the tra▓nsfer of

pment fees, 14.8

7 billion yuan from th

land-use rights into local budgets. Total revenue includes 1.037528 trillion yuan from the tra

e fund for providi

ng continuing aid to res

nsfer of land-use rights and compensation for the use of new land for construction and 118.4

idents reloc

ated to make w

ay for the construction APR

tion from the global media. O?/h4>

88 billion yuan from road maintenance fees. Total expenditures by loca▓l governments taken from the funds they control increased by 49.9% to reach 1.29▓2798 trillion yuan.

of large and

medium-sized reservoirs APR

, 34.814 billion yuan in profi

This figure includes 1.01725 trillion yuan in land-related expenditures which consists of 377.815 billion yuan as compensation for land requisition, housing demolition an

ts from the
ange funds control▓led by the central government. Added to the 55.987 billion yuan from 2007, total revenue came
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